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Perfect Kick
Think you're the best at soccer? Put it to the test against other players from all around the world!
Shift It
A fun & beautiful puzzle game that will light up your imagination!!!
Soccer Stealers
Can you dice enough watermelons to sabotage bad cops, aliens from mars, and an entire company of reckless referees?
Watermelon! -FREE
"You" against "them" - and all you've got are watermelon wedges *palmslap*. A Bizzare and strangely amusing game.
Touch of Music
Simply tap your iPad to play a perfect musical note! Packed with eye-candy illustrations and fanciful designs, this one will certainly tickle your senses.
Song Shaker
Simply shake your phone and hear perfect notes trickle out every time alongside a bevy of beautifully colored strobes of dazzling designs - a wonderful treat for the senses!